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Locksmith for My Bussines

Are you in desperate need of a Locksmith for My Business? Of course, no one can predict the lockout of business operational points, no matter if it’s just a shop, office, pub, or retail unit. Certainly, the locks (especially the basic ones without too many features) are just like a blind game: you never know when they are gonna stop working. For sure, anytime, it can happen! But, with the best locks on the market, the chances for a lockout are minimum. Whether it’s your home or your office, the inconvenience and the cost can be considerable if you don’t know who to call.

Certainly, if you are in need of a Locksmith for My Business, you are in the right place. That is to say, we are ready to help in case of a lockout in the quickest time. Get your “lockout service near me” by calling us now.

Most importantly, we do understand the particular emergency situation for every client and how impactful a lockout can be. Certainly, a business emergency will be the top priority for us and the locksmith will do his best to beat the traffic and get there quickly. 

Of course, our mobile locksmith service is available 24 hours in the neighborhood and surroundings. However, if you wanna be sure about our coverage, you can check the South West areas of London we cover or you can just give us a call to find out if we are able to offer our services in your exact area. Certainly, we are doing our best to try and help as many customers as possible in the shortest time. 

Locksmith for my business: Services

Commercial Locksmith - Basic Services

Here, at Clapham Locksmith, we are offering a wide range of locksmith for my home services and we will do the job quickly. Meanwhile, get in touch anytime you need an emergency locksmith at your doorstep! Of course, all the safety measures have been taken and our staff wears the necessary PPE in these hard times. Above all, we can also offer a no-contact service if you are isolating. So, get in touch for more details! We are working around the clock even during the pandemic.

Lock Out of Office, Shop or Retail Unit

If you are locked out and can’t gain access to your business, call us as soon as possible!

Locked Inside your Business Space

If you have just realized that you are lock-in, this could get really dangerous. For your own safety and for the other employee’s safety, please call the locksmith as soon as possible and he will unlock the door in minutes!

Gain access to your Locked Safe, Locked Office Drawers or Shutters

If you wanna gain access to your safe, locked drawers, deposit areas, or shutters we can help. If you lost your keys or never had them it won’t be a problem with the opening on our end. Also, we might be able to help you replace the locks if it’s a universal lock. Sometimes, we might be able to help with custom made locks as well. 

Any Lock Change

If any of your locks is faulty you can change or upgrade the security of your business with one of our locksmiths. We also help with a new tenancy lock change or the end of a tenancy lock change. Secure your business goods before you get started!

Locksmith for my Business - More Services

All our locksmiths offer a mobile service covering a 10-mile radius of the base we have in Clapham. Therefore, please call for any of the following services. Also, if you have a special request please ask us via email and provide pictures. 

  • Provide a 24-hour call-out service
  • Trusted company with experienced technicians
  • Cabinet Locks / Drawers Locks
  • Safe Unlocking (picture request for confirmation)
  • Mailbox Lock Open / Lock Change
  • Lockouts, open doors or locks change
  • Repair or replace locks
  • Fitting New Locks
  • New Lock Installation A - Z (old or brand new doors)
  • uPVC Locks and Mechanism ( Repair or Replacement)
  • Fitting new locks to doors and windows
  • Security upgrade door locks ( for Home Insurance Coverage )
  • Bike Chains, Padlock Remove
  • British Standard Locks - High Security
  • Code Locks, Digital Locks, Smart Locks Fitting
  • Patio Door Lock Replacement
  • Back Door / Garden Door Locks Open / Fix / Installation
  • Yale Lock Replacement, Mul-T-Lock Replacement, Ingersoll Replacement
  • Mortice Locks Replacement, Deadlocks, Costum-size Locks Replace
  • Full set of Banham Locks Replacement (all the finishes and sizes avail.)
  • After Burglary Security Service ( Lock Change and Partial Boarding Up)
  • Of course, Emergency Door Opening

All our locksmiths offer a mobile service covering a 10-mile radius of the base we have in Clapham. That is to say, we have been asked to do jobs for prestigious companies in the area. We can open most of the locks / change locks for shops, retail units, or offices. Also, we are working with well know Letting Agencies in the Clapham Town area. So, if you want a locksmith to attend your premises please get in touch and give us all the details for your request. 

Reviews & Testimonials (Locksmith for my Business)

  • Convenient great service in Clapham. To clarify, I was locked outside my shop in the early morning when I had to open it like usual. The clients were already queuing and I had to ring the locksmiths. This locksmith was here in 10 minutes and he opens the door in 2 minutes. I am impressed with the skills and grateful that I could

    Robin Rice
    Client Shop Owner SW4 ***
  • I noticed this morning that the lock is spinning around and I have decided to have a locksmith over. So, I called Clapham Locksmith and the technician was prompt and speedy. Also, he changed the lock in minutes and he gave me many price options.

    Maisie Reeves
    Tenant SW4 ***
  • We had to open the bank branch in the morning and the keys were not working anymore. Apparently, the lock was jammed so we had to change it. Never had problems ever since. To sum up, a good speedy local service and excellent costumer service.

    Dorian Neel
    Lisa Presley SW4 ***
  • I was in desperate need of a professional locksmith for our store after we found the lock completely jammed. Above all, I had to solve this lock issue quickly because we already were during the opening times. Clapham Locksmith did the job and he did it in time!

    Sibley Montgomery
    Assistant Store Manager SW4***
  • I have to thank Alex for being such a professional and handling the job so professionally. I wasn’t present when the work took place but we were able to Facetime with the locksmith on-site and they took the payment virtually via an app. A young company with well-behaved employees, excellent service.

    Phill Briggs
    Landlord SW11 ***
4.8 / 5 Star Rating with over 165 reviews in Clapham
  • We had a problem at our office with a funny lock for a while now and we called the locksmith to sort it out. As a result, they changed the lock to a similar one and they also gave us 3 spare keys for free. Would recommend the company

    Craig Ashton
    Client SW8 ***
  • We had some problems with the under-counter tobacco drawers, I think the locks were jammed and we were not able to sell anymore. Quickly, the locksmith got here and he was able to open the drawer smoothly. Real professionals.

    Emma Lawrence
    Off Licence Shop SW11 ***
  • Firstly, the locksmith was prompt and well equipped with all the necessary tools and materials. Secondly, their customer service is really good. Above all, I will use the company again.

    Kevin Sims
    Client SW8 ***
  • After I locked myself inside our bank, I called the locksmith service Clapham Locksmith. Therefore, they managed to open the door for me and got me out of the premises. However, I am pleased with the speed of the service.

    Madeline Howell
    Bank SW8 ***
  • Firstly, we’ve got a great experience with Clapham Locksmith Emergency Service. So, they came over in the middle of the night to open the door for us after a client was locked inside the toilet. Thankfully, they work 24 hours and they were able to help in the quickest time. To sum up, in about 20 minutes the client was out and the lock was functional.

    George Millar
    Pub Owner SW11 ***
  • 24 hours
  • Door Opening
  • Emergency Locksmiths
  • All Locks
  • Open Locks
  • Lost Keys
  • Locks Changed
  • Fix Lock
  • Locks Repaired
  • Digital Locks Fitted
  • Code Locks
  • Locks Fitted
  • Security Upgrade
  • Era Locks Replace
  • Open Banham Lock
  • Yale Lock
  • Mortice Lock
  • Open Safe
  • Banham Lock Replace
  • Burglary Repairs

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