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About uPVC door lock


uPVC door locks are pretty common in London. Because multi-point locking systems are typically universal, uPVC door lock mechanisms are ideal for both household and commercial applications. 

More than that, uPVC door locks are anti-corrosive and suited for any uPVC door. If you’ve misplaced your keys and need to replace a barrel lock on a uPVC door without a key, you should contact a locksmith. A uPVC door locksmith will be able to proceed with the replacement or fixing minutes after your call. Common types of security on uPVC doors could consist of latch, hook, deadbolt, roller cam, mushroom cam, hook, and pin.

Our company will handle all types of locksmith services for uPVC locks and mechanisms. Just get in touch a uPVC expert will be at your doorstep quickly. Also, he will be able to help with both lock open or replacement. Replacing a simple uPVC lock should be a really quick and easy task. Get our 24h locksmith near me and get help with your lock now! 

Do you need help? Call for a uPVC door lock locksmith

Whenever you need a locksmith to help you with your locking mechanism, after your call our professional will come straight to your address. If your door or uPVC window has issues, just let him know and he will try to fix the problem. Get emergency locksmiths or ,, lock changers near me ” at your location now. We will have a solution for almost any emergency locksmith situation. Get residential or commercial locksmith services right now. 

UPVC locks on doors and windows, which are located on your residential home’s front and rear doors, as well as French and patio doors, are the most popular locks to be fixed. 

  • The door or window will not close or lock.

  • uPVC door won’t unlock.
  • uPVC door lock mechanism or multipoint lock not working as usual. 
  • The lock is stuck or jammed.

  • Your key will not turn completely.

  • The key fits inside the lock, but it does not unlock it.

  • Need master key systems
  • uPVC The Door Won’t Close

  • Need to change your sliding door locks
  • Looking for help with uPVC door lock removal

The following are examples of easy-to-repair locks for a security expert.

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Can a locksmith near me fix a uPVC door lock?

Dealing with so many emergency locksmith situations, most likely the locksmiths will manage to fix the lock, the locking points, the door hinges, the door handle or the mechanism, if that’s the case. Also, they might suggest a mechanism replacement, in case the door doesn’t work properly. The locking and unlocking process is particular and an expert needs to see the door and the frames before making a decision.

Most high-security uPVC/composite door sets now provide latch, deadbolt, and hook varieties, with the security levels available starting with the latch and roller type mechanisms and now generally latch deadbolt, and hook versions on offer.

The same applies to the uPVC window-locking mechanism. The uPVC locksmith has to analyze the way you shut the window, the window frame, the window handle, and the window hinges. He has to analyze the wear and tear and the way the mechanism locks inside the window frame. When a mechanism is stuck or broken, you might need a replacement. If your uPVC door won’t unlock, you can call us and get an uPVC locksmith near me at your location.

Do I need a lock replacement for a uPVC door lock?

Sometimes, the double glazing door lock needs replacing. When uPVC doors need replacing, their locks they can just remove the lock barrel. The change takes just 5 mins for someone with experience.

Therefore, if you have a problem with your broken locks, don’t be afraid of calling a locksmith to come and help. A simple visit can solve your security job quickly. Save the cost of a full replacement and call a locksmith at the slightest unusual position. He might be able to save the entire work with a simple fix, instead of doing a full replacement.

Also, for your uPVC window, you should be thinking about the same process. Don’t postpone a minor problem with your window lock, window frame, or window handle. The entire mechanism relies on a fully functional uPVC window.

So, if you notice something strange when you open the window, search for uPVC window repairs London. Simply ask for our uPVC locksmith to have an assessment at your location and save the cost of a full repair later on.

What if my windows not opening and closing properly?

If the windows are not opening and closing smoothly, requiring a lot of effort, this indicates that there may be a problem with the window hinge. Most window problems arise from hinges because dirt can accumulate in the window. A locksmith needs to come and analyze the situation of your uPVC window locks. He will also see how your window handle works and will have a look at your window frame.

For sure, when you open the window it shouldn’t be an issue with the cylinder lock. So, you have to be able to keep the window open and shut the window easily, whenever you want.

As for maintenance, you could just find that window hinges get a bit stiff or require lubrication to move smoothly. Apply a suitable substance directly to your door to ensure that it opens properly. We recommend lubricating all window parts at least every year.

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Can you open a uPVC door when the lock is broken?

Sometimes, if you have some technical knowledge, you should be able to open the door with your lock broken. We can help you with your faulty locked uPVC door lock or your multi-point locking system pretty fast. The screws holding the handles together can be loosened. In this case, springs should be properly installed. 

Another problem uPVC doors have is with the door frame or maybe the hinges don’t open. A lockout is possible to be caused through the hinges. If you wish to solve this when you are locked out, it’s better to ask a uPVC locksmith to help you open the door professionally and have the lock replaced. Please note, that if you don’t know what you are doing, you can cause more harm than good by trying to fix things by yourself. If you are not sure, don’t risk it and call a locksmith for professional lock repairing and the best advice guarantee. Get in touch with Clapham Locksmith London for a fast uPVC locksmith near me. We are here whenever you are looking for lock changes near me of for solutions for your jammed lock.

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Why do uPVC windows not close properly?

Windows installed in the past can cause closing problems. Even the most sophisticated windows manufactured from high-quality materials will not function well when installation is improper. There are frequent issues that prevent the normal window from opening or a window from closing, but you don’t always need to change the entire window. Sort out your uPVC front door or window lock right away with an expert!

A locksmith will let you know how he can help you with your uPVC window-locking mechanism if that is the problem. Ask for an assessment and find out the problem first. Take action just after you know all the details.


uPVC Door Lock is Jammed/Stuck

In case your uPVC Door Lock is jammed or stuck, only a professional can guarantee a solution. First of all, if the key enters the lock but does not spin, the lock is malfunctioning or the door and frame are out of alignment. in this case, once the door has been unlocked and opened, the lock will need to be changed, and new keys will need to be installed.

In the second scenario, if the key turns in the euro lock but the door does not open, the multi-point lock has failed or a security bolt or hook has been stuck. A new multipoint locking system and/or door alignment may be required. Of course, only an expert can give you advice on what you can and cannot do.

How can we help

A locksmith can come to your location at any time to inspect your uPVC door lock and offer solutions. Because there are several scenarios for composite door locks, it is hard to say properly what is happening with your door after a phone call. No worries, all these scenarios have a solution and it might not be necessary to replace the lock / uPVC locking mechanism. 

If it’s possible, the expert will try to have the mechanism fixed for you instead of replacing it. On the other hand, when you have it replaced, you can be sure you won’t have problems with it for a long time.

When our locksmiths are visiting your location they will have all the necessary tools and locks with them at any time. For a new mechanism though, he might need to have a second visit at your location. Every home has different doors with different measurements, therefore, the frame of each door is important when you have to replace the previously installed mechanism with an identical one. In these cases, of course, the price will differ from one model to another.

So, whenever you have an issue with a lock ask for a faulty lock repair London and the locksmith will take it from there. If a door lock repair is possible, the locksmith will try and proceed with that service. No worries, in case a lock repair can’t be done, a locksmith will be able to offer door and window locks replacements on the spot. 

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  • Fast, professional, and competitive prices. Called them after hours and technician was there in 25 min. Helped me gain access to my house quickly after I lost the key of my front door. it’s a mul t lock. Highly recommend.

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  • I’ve dealt with these guys on a few occasions for services and free advice. After changing the door locks, he gave me tips on maintenance and care. Everything works flawlessly and they have competitive prices. I hope others will have the same locksmith experience.

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  • Very quick service for my mortice lock and Yale lock that needed to be changed. Also, had my window locks repaired. Excellent job. Very nice and trustworthy company. I highly recommend for mortice locks and cylinder locks. They can help with all door lock types uk.

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  • We needed gaining entry and fixing the lock quickly. My wife and I realized it right before leaving for vacation, with 3 hr remaining until the flight. I called several companies, many of them refused, others couldn’t come on such short notice. This company responded promptly and politely. They gave us 3 new keys complementary.

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