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Unlocking the Mystery: How to Fix a Key Spinning in Lock

Picture this: you’re in a rush to leave your home, and suddenly, your key spinning in lock without unlocking the door. It is a common scenario for our clients and we get it. It should be a frustrating moment, right? Well, Clapham Locksmith London is here to help.

Key spinning in the lock is a common issue that can leave you out of your house if you can’t find the right emergency locksmith company to help you fast. But fear not! Call us right away and we’ll delve into the mystery of your issue.

We will analyse the key spinning in lock, explore its causes, and provide security solutions to get you back on track in no time. More than that, we will let you know the nature of the issue – for example if it’s a locking mechanism issue, a lock cylinder thing and so on. Ask our locksmith to come and help you right away.



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Key Takeaways

  • Key spinning is caused by worn-out mechanisms, misaligned doors and faulty lock cylinders. If your door lock keeps spinning, reach out and we’ll help asap.

  • Sometimes, professional assistance or lubricating the lock, adjusting door alignment and replacing the lock cylinder can help fix key spinning issues.

  • Regular maintenance, using correct keys and investing in quality locks are preventive measures to avoid such problems.

Understanding Key Spinning in Locks

A close-up of a locking mechanism with a key inserted in the door lock

Are you looking to understand why is this happening to you right now? Well, when a key spins without unlocking the door lock, it is referred to as key spinning. This irritating annoying security issue is normally caused by:

  • an improperly cut or damaged night latch

  • worn-out pieces within the locking mechanism or multi-point door lock

  • other factors related to faulty door lock mechanism and locking points

Common Causes of Key Spinning

If a worn-out security curtain is causing the keys to spin within the mechanism, a UPVC door lock test can identify whether this is the case. If this problem arises, it could be resolved by swapping the outdated curtains. The same applies to a mortice lock or upvc door mechanism test but the locksmith will be able to offer better advice on the spot. 

Ensuring that your door lock is oriented correctly can help avoid key spinning or broken key issues. Have an upvc door lock test scheduled with our experts and prevent a lockout.

If you don’t have issues when turning keys into the lock, you can continue to have an uninterrupted operation of your locks (including the uPVC door or uPVC door lock mechanism). For example, misaligned doors and worn-out or malfunctioning lock cylinders can all lead to these problems. Therefore, try to keep locksmith inspections up to date and we will guarantee optimal performance from each door lock component. This way you will prevent any key spinning and a potential lockout if the door key won’t turn. Get in touch for both residential door locks and commercial door locks.

Types of Locks Prone to Key Spinning

An image showing a lock with a key inserted and turned, demonstrating key spinning in lock issue.

When it comes to locking systems or locking mechanisms issues and the possibility of a key spinning, the door lock is a crucial component to take into account. This problem can affect Euro cylinder locks as well as Yale locks. For instance, broken or blocked cams or disconnected internal parts in mortice locks may send the lock into a spin; in Euro barrels, an incorrect connection between the cylinders and locks may have a similar effect.

When it comes to timber doors that need to be pocketed, or “mortised,” a unique kind of test known as a “mortise lock” test helps confirm that they are functioning properly and securely. The clips on European versions serve as fasteners for the actuator component; if these clips malfunction, it could result in breaking or cracking in addition to key spins, which requires thorough diagnosis through observation. Depending on the lock type, the wrong key into a lock, poorly cut keys or key snaps can damage the inner lock parts when the key turns. Therefore, please ask for professional advice when having such an issue.

How to prevent a key spinning in lock situation

Of course, it is hard to control when a key breaks or the lock parts are affected by wear and tear. From time to time, after heavy usage, locks are made to be changed. However, being aware of what causes this issue and which locks are prone to it will help you understand better how to avoid problems when your key does not turn properly.

For example, night latches have been identified as one type of locking system most likely affected by this malfunctioning problem. Lock issues are not going to disappear for even but there are ways to prevent them from happening.

  • make sure you are always using the correctly matched keys for each specific locking mechanism

  • regular maintenance on door locks with top-notch quality materials makes them less susceptible to such door lock problems

  • consistently caring for any unwanted worn-out parts inside these mechanisms that can be involved in opening/locking operations (such as a broken key or small pieces of dust into the key hole)

Try being alert about all the abovementioned and you should prevent these lock problems from happening to your exit devices.

How to Fix Key Spinning Issues

A person lubricating a lock with a silicone based spray lubricant

Resolving key-spinning problems when looking to have your door unlocked isn’t as complicated as it might seem for a professional. Of course, if you are willing to take security risks you can try sorting it out yourself. So, you can try to unlock a stuck key and get back into your home or place of business by testing a few options. For example, you can try oiling the lock, adjusting the door’s alignment, or changing the lock cylinder by yourself, if you think you have the skills.

Of course, it is crucial to identify the real cause of these critical problems to implement appropriate troubleshooting techniques later on. The sections that follow will discuss how lubricating locks, adjusting door placement, and replacing cylinders can be useful in handling occasional circumstances where turning keys is difficult.

Lubricating the Door Lock

Sometimes, locking systems can become stuck due to dust and debris. However, lubrication done right can help to solve the problem fast. When it’s just a minor issue and the lock works well, our locksmiths are ready to help you with products like silicone oil, WD-40, graphite spray, and dry lubricants. A dry lube is the best option because it requires minimal effort and is clean to use.

Of course, it depends if the lubricating will work in your case. Usually, after this process, the key will operate more smoothly inside the mechanisms and have fewer chances to spin around when any of these materials are utilised on locks. If used properly, it may also significantly lengthen the lock’s lifespan.

Adjusting the Door Alignment

Sometimes, the issue can be related to the door alignment and our locksmith can help you prevent further damage. Door alignment can be adjusted to correct issues with misaligned strike plates, door hinges, and so on.

Our locksmiths are prepared to help with a quick fix. Maintaining properly functioning locks and securing the hinges by tightening any loose handles or realigning the entire doorway may assist in preventing problems with keys spinning excessively.

Replacing the Lock Cylinder

Sometimes, the solution is simple. If the lock has worn out or malfunctioned, or the key won’t turn, it is best to have the lock cylinder replaced by a skilled professional. The lock cylinder is the primary component of any door-locking system. If it works well, it initiates unlocking capabilities when the appropriate key is inserted into it. Of course, if the key won’t turn, there’s a problem with the lock.

Fixing problems associated with a poorly cut key that may spin in place without functioning correctly is a simple task for a good locksmith. If you change the lock, your locks will operate at their best after this replacement is completed, so you won’t have any more issues with them operating or using particular keys that are connected to them.

When to Call a Professional Locksmith

a professional locksmith has installed complex lock mechanism

When looking for fast help with your keys spinning, you should consult a professional locksmith as soon as possible. Also, when diagnosing complicated mechanisms or changing faulty keys, these professionals can save time and effort.

Our competent locksmiths have all the necessary tools and experience to operate a variety of lock systems (euro lock cylinder, mortice lock, deadlock and so on). Get assistance from unlock specialists who are familiar with the inner workings of these devices. They will know if your locking system has to be upgraded or if it can be fixed. Replace or fix your lock now.

There's an issue with Complex Lock Mechanisms

It is advisable to consult a professional when dealing with intricate lock systems or any combination of them. Expert locksmiths have the instruments and specific knowledge needed to complete maintenance and repair jobs successfully. These complex devices can quickly be damaged or become completely unusable without the proper training.

If you lack the experience, it is not worth taking the chance of injury. Having a qualified locksmith on board will lead to precise repairs that effortlessly restore complete functionality. These professionals swiftly identify issues and address them, restoring your keys to working order. Have the peace of mind you need and guaranteed repairs that will last. We will help with the damaged lock repair or replacement quickly.

Broken or Snapped Keys

A cracked or broken key in your lock can be a major problem that may require the assistance of a locksmith. If you are trying to replace or remove it successfully, our locksmiths are ready to handle this common fault with the right tools.

Don’t risk destroying your lock when attempting to remove the key from its location by pushing any tools straight inside the lock itself. This could force the parts down and you can break it easily, causing more harm than good. Expert locksmiths possess the ability to remove these kinds of keys without risking a break from the internal mechanics.

Upgrading Your Lock System

When looking for a lock upgrade, you can try to consult a competent locksmith. He will be able to help you choose a lock that meets your demands. We are ready to assist with any high-security locks or devices: lever mortice, deadlock, night latch, euro cylinder, and so on.

Moreover, we can provide extra security for your doors and we will help you stop common problems such as keys spinning for the most common reasons. Reach out if your key won’t turn and we will help with new locks and new keys.

Of course, an enhanced locking system has many benefits and here we can include increased security, ease of use and durability. So, with a new model of lock, you won’t need to replace it as frequently. A new lock has configurable choices and we can offer a tailored experience whenever you are looking for different security levels or if your circumstances or tastes change.

How to Avoid Spinning Key Issues

A person using the right key to unlock a door

We are here to offer professional service and advice anytime you need help. Also, we are ready to install high-quality items and perform routine lock maintenance. A professional locksmith will always present you with more options and explain how to solve common issues such as how to lubricate uPVC door mechanism. It is crucial to avoid any problems with a spinning key and a professional locksmith can help you prevent such a door key issue. So, if your key won’t turn, you might need to think about a installing new locking mechanism of a better quality.

Therefore, by adopting these preventative measures, you may avoid other repairs soon. We can guarantee that your security measures are always in place with us. Ensuring the right key is chosen is crucial as well because it can assist in averting issues before they arise. You can have worry-free protection for years with your multi-point lock to come once these steps are completed!

Regular Lock Maintenance

Regular upkeep for locks is essential and includes making sure they’re installed correctly, cleaning them often, being careful with them while handling them to extend their lifespan as well and applying lubrication when needed. Inspecting the door’s strike plate regularly and adjusting it accordingly are also important actions that need to be taken to avoid key spinning issues or other security-related problems caused by unclean lock mechanisms. By keeping your keys clean and maintaining the condition of both doors/locks at all times, you can assure yourself your safety won’t be compromised due to technical errors or malfunctions over time.

Make Sure You Use The Right Key All The Time

Using the right key for a lock can help preserve its mechanism and there’s a smaller chance of it spinning when inserted. Thus, no resistance or pressure will be required to spin it when it is correctly positioned about its pins.

However, if the wrong key is used in a lock, this could cause misalignment and damage to both the lock and the key. Therefore, you have to make sure you use the only key that fits your lock correctly every time you want to open your door.

Investing in High-Quality Locks

Are you looking to prevent a break-in and improve your security? Ask our locksmiths for more details. They know all about British Standard and have plenty of sturdy locks available. We will help you increase security and reduce the likelihood of key spinning problems.

Usually, the finest lock systems are made of strong materials that are resistant to rust and corrosion. This reduces the possibility that an improperly positioned key would stop the system from operating as normal. More than that, these premium locks can provide a locking mechanism that guarantees the security of your home or place of business for longer.


To sum up, key spinning is a major hassle for everyone. But you can solve this by taking steps to stop it from happening when you know the source. When you call in a professional locksmith for assistance, it will help you with fast service and advice. Day and night, we will offer the expertise you need from a technician as well as viable solutions. Avoid the keys or locks hassle by using Clapham Locksmith London anywhere in Clapham Town and surrounding areas. We will give you the great peace of mind you need with our 24-hour locksmith services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix a spinning door lock?

For example, when attempting to repair a door lock, you have to lubricate the keyhole first and try to apply graphite powder. If this is still not working for you, you might want to think about a specialist to come and help you. He might need to proceed with a cylinder or mechanism replacement. He will make sure that your door locks and unlocks without any issues.

Why does my key keep spinning in the lock?

Sometimes, a loose cylinder or a detached internal mechanism could be the cause of a key rotating in the lock. It has no action on the bolt so nothing happens. Even if the key tries to turn within this specific lock, it will be unsuccessful in case the lock doesn’t work.

How can I fix key spinning issues?

We won’t recommend fixing it yourself if you have no experience as we are talking about your security and it has to be checked by a specialist. Of course, you can take care of this issue somehow, if you wish to give it a try anyway. By lubricating the lock, realigning the door, or changing the cylinder you might solve the spinning key issue. Only the locksmith will know exactly what technique will solve your issue.

Why is my key turning but my door not unlocking?

If the key in the lock turns, but the door does not open, you need a specialist right away. It could be a broken cylinder or internal mechanism in the lock. Our fast qualified locksmith will resolve this problem and will secure the place fast. No matter how hard you try, you would need a professional to help with their knowledge of mechanics and methods for unlocking doors. Clapham Locksmith London is available to help with any locked door.

When should I call a professional locksmith?

It is advisable to hire a professional locksmith as soon as you have a door lock issue. Moreover, you would need a locksmith if there is a problem with a complex lock system, broken keys, or when updating the locking mechanism of your house. Call us now and we will help you quickly.

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