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Door Lock Installations

Looking for experts to help with lock installations? We are here to assist with the best British Standard locks for all types of door. Whether it’s front door lock installations or back door security, we have them all available with our locksmiths.

Contact us now and have a qualified 24-hour locksmith at your property 30 minutes after your call. Sort your lock installation process with fully qualified technicians. Our locksmiths can install all types of locks for all types of doors.

Lock installation: Lock Replacement, Changing & Fitting

Clapham Locksmith London team is ready to replace your locks at any hour and at a fair cost. We will take any job in about 30 minutes after your call and we have all the necessary locks available with us: from window locks to deadlocks or mortice locks.

Contact us and get your lock replaced at insurance standards with our team. More than that, our high-security locks are aligned to the highest security levels. Get fast locksmith services at your location right now!

High-security Locks Installation

Call us for free advice regarding the locksmith service and the type of lock you would need. We will be there to help with your lock installation. 

Our locksmiths are ready to help with standard or high-security locks installation. There’s a wide range of locks available with our experts on the spot, so you won’t have to wait for a second appointment to have the job done. Get in touch with us as soon as you need to have the locks installed and we will make it happen. 

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A professional locksmith certified can replace your door lock or re-install any locks. Think about Banham, Assa Abloy, Ultion, Yale, and so on.

Some locks may be required to meet a new set of standards or replacement for damaged locks if you are unsure. You can do that by changing your lock.

Are your locks different from the ones we have? Find the key to your security door here.


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Best Rated Lock Installation Services near you

Do you need to replace your lock for your peace of mind? For example, you should think to replace any old locks in the house before you move in. Another good reason to change your standard locks would be for insurance purposes.

When you need a locksmith to help you with any type of security lock, you can contact us 24 hours. Below are some services that may be of use to you.

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The lock installation job done on spot

Lastly, our fully equipped mobile locksmith will inspect the situation at your location and will proceed with the best solution. So, he will be able to share with you what locks are working for you and what are the costs. If you agree, he will sort out all the lock installation process in no time.

Typically, a locksmith will spend around half an hour at your location. Also, the payment will be taken online, after the job and the entire process will be handled by the emergency locksmith with you directly. 

Lock change and installation prices

Whenever you need to change your lock we will be able to do it on the spot. We are not only offering the fitting service but also the right material supplied for your needs. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the right measurements and delivery costs. Our locksmiths can guide you and offer advice.

During the locksmith’s visit, the cost of the lock may be waived if you decide not to proceed. A stipulated policy applies with a minimum call-out charge for the travel. The cost of the service will be based on the dimensions of the job, the level of work, and the cost of the parts used.

Lock installations: emergency lock replacement service 24 hours a day

The thought of being locked out of home in London is never enjoyable, no matter what happens. If you’ve lost your keys, you’ll have to search for a fully qualified technician to help you out.

Our Clapham Locksmith London offers 24/7 security assistance, available 7 days a week. No matter when you have a security issue, you can be assisted immediately with high-quality locksmith service. Therefore, a local technician will usually be able to reach you within a quarter-hour for your peace of mind.

Your insurance-approved locking device will be professionally installed immediately. We can help with British Standard locks for your entry door or back door. Call us now for an emergency lock replacement service available 24 hours in Clapham and the surrounding areas.

Guaranteed lock installation service

Our professional locksmiths provide high-quality locks and replacement solutions and can also provide lock repairs. They are able to help with any lock installation, no matter what type of lock you have. You are free to contact us for more details.

Moreover, you can also rest assured the locksmith will promptly resolve your problem at any time.

Our qualified and equipped locksmiths will change your locks

Your lock installation is carried out by a professional and highly skilled locksmith. Our technicians will come to your location fully prepared with a set of tools and a good door hardware supply.

You can be sure we can provide reliable locks and security systems in your neighborhood to save your time and hassle. Call us for any lock installation.

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A wide range of lock replacement options

Secure your property with Clapham Locksmith London. With us, your door lock is secured and well installed. We offer only great quality at any time.

More than that, our locksmiths have an excellent range of locks that comply with BS 3621 standards. When the visit is happening, the professional analyzes the conditions and types of doors/windows to complete the task properly in a professional manner.

British Standard BS3621 Mortice Deadlock Fitting

Mortice deadlocks are generally attached to wooden doorways which lock inside and outside the home. Usually, a mortice lock installed doesn’t have a handle. A deadlock doesn’t carry a handle and can be accessed from one side only. It’s a deadbolt with no latch that’s commonly found on older doors.

Mortice Sash Lock Fitting

A mortice lock is usually installed on wooden doors in homes where sash locks open through a key and a handle. Normally, these are known as sash locks. Sash locks have a handle and lock. In a typical case, the more lever sash locks, the greater security. 

Usually, it features a deadbolt that locks the door and a built-in latch that keeps the door closed without the need to lock it. Get your mortice locks installed fast with our professional. 

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How does our lock replacement service work?

In short, contact us when you need a locksmith and he will be there in 30 minutes. Just schedule a meeting online using the form to check the time available or by calling us in case you need the service straight away.

After you have shared with us your location, a confirmation will come from our time. Normally, a fully-equipped and experienced locksmith specialist will arrive at your address in 30 minutes. Now, the lock installation will take place in a professional manner and you will have your lock replacement in place in the shortest time.

Normally, if there is nothing complicated, the job will last just a few minutes.

After the change is done, you can enjoy the restored security of your home. So, wait no more. Change the lock and secure your entry door now with us!

New lock installation in London

We are able to help with door lock installations for the interior and exterior. The service provides the necessary protection for the security of a locked house or business. Have your lock replaced in minutes with us.

Supply of quality new locks

Locksmiths can use any new locks for a new door installation. Of course, they have an impressive array of efficient lock options for your door but they need to find the right measurements and the optimal level of security for your needs.

Therefore, Clapham Locksmith London will provide you with any cylinders, night latches, sash locks, and deadlocks to protect your doors with maximum security.

Executed with modern specialized tools

You’ll get an expert locksmith who will fix your door lock using industry-leading equipment. Any of our experts are ready for any lock fitting on the spot, at your call. Finally, a locksmith will examine and confirm what type of lock would suit you better.

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  • Do I have to be present during the service?

Normally, you need to be able to prove that you are a resident at the location you are calling us from. In special cases, we can help you if someone else is present.

Of course, someone needs to be there with the technician. It’s important for the engineer to discuss all the important points with him to get you the best job possible. Therefore, you have to be able to meet our specialist on-site and communicate your needs with him.

  • Tell me the type of door lock that a locksmith can use?

A technician has access to many quality lock options. The following brands and models can be installed as well: 2-5 lever locks, Cylinders, Rim locks (Yale locks), Deadbolt locks, Yale locks, Mul-T-Lock, and so on.

  • How long does it take to install a new lock?

It usually takes less than 1 hour to finish this job, but each case has its own specific circumstances. Some of the factors can affect the duration of service. For example, if your lock is really rare and needs to be ordered, it might take one day. Of course, this is an exception.

Door Lock Installations Service

As security experts, we understand how important is the safety of your house or business. Clapham Locksmith London will make sure to install a quality lock for you at a fair cost. Our lock systems meet most of the best security standards available.

Front door lock installations

Front doors are a key part of your home security system. They are designed to prevent burglars (particularly with evident and high security locking systems) and they are kept out if they have a proper security level.

Choosing the correct locks and getting them professionally installed is equally essential. Installing a BS locking system on the door is very important.

We have a wide range of British Standard options available for your front door and the locksmith provides updated security information, so you have the choice of the best option possible.

Bedroom and internal door lock installations

Of course, we provide an array of lock installation choices available for you to select from – saving you time and money on researching. You don’t have to search for what lock suits you better, we have experts for that.

All types of locks are manufactured by important security companies including keyed and door locks, all British standards.

Our solutions will suit all your needs and wants. Our locksmith specialists are well-equipped to handle all locks. They can install all your needed locks for your bedrooms and cabinets.

Security standards

Clapham Locksmith London uses only safe and reliable locks for all clients. There is an essential fact that you should know about the security level of each lock. There’s a mark for safety that confirms is conforming to the British standards. Looks for the kitemarks from BSI on locks that indicate that they’ve passed standardized tests that have exceeded minimum quality standards.

The UK standard code for checking in locks is BS3621. In terms of technical specifications, TS0007 is the number for replacing a door and protective cylinder which demonstrates its safety standard against any known method of force. Secure your property with a British Standard locking system and get insurance approved quickly.

Installations and upgrades of UPVC locks

Some uPVC systems are outdated, others need replacing in another model. Wear and tear is normal and you have to understand that sometimes you just need to change your mechanism.

Our comprehensive UPVC lock service is available anytime. Give us an instant call and we’ll be there to meet you within a short amount of time. Please note, that we use the British Standard Lock which is of the finest quality. We’ll keep your property safe for years to come.

Lock changes and upgrades

Clapham Locksmith London offers door locks repairs in London. We are able to provide dependable locksmith services to residents or business owners.

When a new security change or upgrade is required for any home or office, the locksmith will take care of the job. Our commitment to customer satisfaction reflects in our daily activities.

Call us and a locksmith will come to your location immediately.

Standard insurance locks

It’s not common sense for all locksmiths to use an insurer-approved lock. However, the majority of insurances are required by BS 3621 standards. We are always asking you about your insurance requirements and will offer free advice in regards to the best options.

Rim locks

Of course, we can help with all types of rekeying, rims, or cylinders. The locking device is positioned on a door’s exterior, but cannot be positioned inside.

Our inventory includes numerous renowned brands including Yale, Chubb, and Yale.

Qualified professional locksmiths

All locksmiths are certified and ready to offer their services at the best price. Our technicians can be reached anytime and anywhere, as we are a 24-hour company.

Lock installations, Door Lock Replacement & Fitting

Mostly, our locksmiths are capable of installing, replacing, and fixing locks for any door and window. Locksmiths can assist with removing or replacing a broken house lock in a home and they can also help repair a broken one if that’s possible.

What type of door are BS3621 standards locks found on?

BS3621 locks are normally installed on doors where frames and doors are constructed from timber. Doors over the ground floor are tested to the same safety rating as BS8621. They also carry BISI kitemark symbols. For more details about this ask a professional locksmith.

Lock Installation, Replacement & Change

Locksmiths are able to replace or install door locks that normally are found on commercial or residential premises which include:

Euro-Lock Cylinder Fitting

It is extremely common in many different door locks and security products to have a euro-lock cylinder installed by default. We can help with such fittings at any time. Get in touch for our services for new locks.

Door types a euro lock cylinder is found on doors

Any Euro lock cylinder can have a multitude of sizes, security options, and a variety of finishes. It’s depending on the particular application and the type of hardware fitted. But, if you wish to change it, our expert can come and proceed.

We will present you with all the options but most likely he will recommend you to keep a bs3621 standard.

Night latch install, fitting, or replacement (often referred to as Yale-type lock)

The types of night latches vary and are usually used for front or back doors. There is plenty of night latches a locksmith can supply on spot. More than that, he will help with an emergency door lock installation in minutes.

Get in touch for emergency door lock installation services whenever you need a new lock. A new lock means a better security level at all times.

Night latches a locksmith can change locks

Once an expert arrives at your location, he is able to show you the difference between different locking systems and communicate to you an exact price. Of course, a professional will be able to change any night latch quickly if he has London locksmith experience.

Normally, you can replace any type of night latch or re-install the old one. We will always recommend you upgrade your security level if possible because nothing is more important than your safety.

How much does it cost a door lock installation?

Hiring a pro for the lock installation of is usually starting from £50 – £100 for labour, but the total door lock installations fee depends on which kind of lock you want and how complicated is the process. Once at your location, a locksmith will be able to approximate the costs upfront and will give you a choice when it comes to your lock. So, you can choose the price of your lock depending on your budget and requirements.

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