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Mul T Lock

Firstly, Mul-T-Lock products are great high-level products and offer the best alternative to access control solutions. You can be sure that their cutting-edge locking solution is one of the best on the market.

One Of  Our Most Recommended Lock Options

Mul-T-Lock offers different locking products and security systems made to provide protection and peace of mind. These are great high-security solutions for both small and large commercial buildings. These locks usually come with a plastic key card supplied with the lock.

Contact Clapham Locksmith London now if you need support with these types of locks. We have residential and commercial customers prepared to help you with your mult-lock solutions.

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About Mul t lock Brand

Mul-T-Lock is an Israeli startup founded in 1973. At the moment, their high-security locking products are recognised on a global scale.

The name of the company is derived from the phrase “Multiple Locking” because it offers multi-layered security solutions. Over the years it became really popular, especially in London and the Clapham area – including Clapham Common, Clapham Junction, Clapham North or South.

So, MulTLock serves clients in more than 100 nations and offers a great range of products. It is a great option for a variety of security requirements. It can be your solution!

Mul t lock Locks and Mul t lock Keys

Mul-T-Lock is a special player in the security sector. Yavni Israel’s Mul-T-Lock is a security firm that belongs to Assa Abloy. In 2000, Mul-T-Lock was purchased by ASSA ABLOY.

There’s a broad range of products tailored by the brand to meet various security requirements. MulT-Lock has grown and provides services to clients around the world.

When it comes to keys, it is one of the remarkable advantages of the brand. They have a strong key control policy, therefore MulT-Lock systems are notable in London. For example, when you wish to cut keys, only authorised dealers will be able to do it. The system’s restricted keyways require a unique key blank for duplication.

They will require identification and a security card to duplicate keys. Improve your security and use Multi Lock to protect your property.

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Mul T Lock Technology

An essential factor in Mul-T-Lock’s success has been its dedication to innovation. The advanced technology and great level of security make Mul T lock one of the best locking and keying options. Our customers are always happy with these solutions and we can not recommend them enough.

So, Mult lock produces innovative locking systems that outperform possible security risks. Moreover, these MulTLock locks are the superior option when it comes to cylinders and locking systems.

Superior Safety Cylinders

High-security cylinders from Mul-T-Lock are well known for how resistant they are. Their ability to withstand multiple types of attacks, such as drilling, bumping, and picking is incredible.

Moreover, these cylinders frequently have telescopic pin tumbler systems. These offer increased security and complicated key combinations, that make it very difficult for unauthorised duplication.

Systems that are Interactive® and Interactive+®

Among Mul-T-Lock’s standard products are the Interactive® and Interactive+® systems. To add an extra degree of security, these systems use a special telescopic pin technology. This needs alignment of both an internal and an external shear line. A patented floating element within the key is another feature of the Interactive+® system that adds security against illegal key duplication.

MT5® and MT5+® Platforms

The MT5® and MT5+® platforms are the most recent developments in high-security lock technology from Mul-T-Lock.

There are three separate locking mechanisms combined in these systems: a magnetic strip, an exclusive Alpha Spring, and a double-sided flat key with a moving interacting spring. This triple-locking system provides the highest level of protection and control over duplicate keys. Get help with your front door locks right now!

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Is Mul-T-Lock secure?

Mul-T-Lock offers a wide range of high-security locks. These will protect your property anytime you need good security solutions. Moreover, Mul-T-Lock blends cutting-edge technology with a durable design via high-security deadbolts and cylinders.

Moreover, this brand guarantees the highest levels of security with features like patented key control systems that prevent unauthorised duplication and sophisticated mechanisms that resist drilling, picking, and bumping. MulT-Lock continues to set industry standards for quality, dependability, and innovation. It is the go-to option for people looking to safeguard their most valuable assets and is one of our most recommended lock choices.

What are the benefits of a Mul-T-Lock?

These locks are backed by a strong steel structure and their strength is unmatched. The locking mechanism of the lock varies according to the models chosen.

A well-known brand in the security sector, it provides a selection of high-security locking solutions that are renowned for their cutting-edge features and strong defence against multiple attack vectors. Its unique key control system, which prohibits unauthorised key duplication, is one of its most notable features.

Innovative technologies are all included in Multi Lock products. These products are easy to use and install because they are made of high-quality materials that guarantee durability and dependability. The company provides a range of adaptable solutions for:

  • industrial

  • commercial

  • residential applications

Mul-T-Lock enjoys the benefits of substantial research and development resources as a member of the internationally renowned ASSA ABLOY Group. It continuously innovates to keep ahead of emerging security threats and offers customers the most cutting-edge and efficient security solutions available.

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