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Ways to dramatically improve security on a UPVC door

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uPVC door locks and multi-point locking system

UPVC windows are becoming increasingly popular because they provide durable energy-efficient alternatives to conventional door designs. These are not too expensive, last fewer than 30 years, and are easily recycled. The same applies to the uPVC doors.

Most contemporary doors are usually secure and easy to be installed, in most situations. Many, but not most, are equipped with integrated steel reinforcements and multipoint locking devices. The point locking system can come in different lengths and styles, but an experienced locksmith will be able to find a replacement for the problematic mechanism.

Nevertheless, UPVC door security is important for safety. Therefore, any uPVC door lock should be in good working order for your peace of mind.

Secure locking

Most burglars enter the property via the window 33% of the time and they force the locks open. The lock weakens the locking mechanism, and the multi-point lock can become redundant when the locking device fails to unlock. The euro lock is susceptible to a ‘lock-snapping technique’ which can cause damage. Intruders remove the cylinder to reveal the opening and use force to break the cylinder in half. A cylinder is easily snapped if it doesn’t have the property of being an anti-snap one.

When replacing your lock ask for a secure anti-snap lock replacement. A professional locksmith will always replace the euro cylinder with an anti-snap one, but it’s better to ask for one just to be sure.

Multipoint door locks

Multipoint doors are a common locking feature used by uPVC doors as they have several advantages. It primarily aims at providing much better protection because it uses locking points. Usually, these will have three locking devices. These locking systems typically are inserted in the door frame to provide airtight safety seals. So, this section contains various elements that each play an important component in a system’s functioning. It is usually made with a deadbolt or two hooks. The hooks are typically located over doors and below door doors. This gives overall structure strength.

When looking to replace your point locking system, our uPVC door locksmith will help you fast.

Door chains

The use of a uPVC door chain is still advisable even if it is not a huge difference in case someone tries to burglar your house. This is especially advisable for vulnerable people.

In case you wish to have one installed, the chain’s testing and approval according to TS 003 standards is mandatory. The door must be secured using screws. So, the door chain restriction device can also be inserted into drywall walls and then loops through the handles of UPVC doors, similar to the standard door chain.

Install Sash Jammers to Add an Extra Layer of Security to Your UPVC Door

Sash lockers can be installed fairly quickly and easily by an expert locksmith. These are great for UPVC door security but only if they are installed in an effective way.

It is advisable to install sash locks at a distance of four to four inches from the door frame. The door frame needs jack nuts and screws to secure it. If a door frame carries steel reinforcement, it can fit the door latch directly onto the door frames. When the locksmith will fix the door jammer, he will make sure the clamp is tight and it should not compress the sash jammer arm so that the door will move without causing any friction.

Door handle and cylinder guard

The cylinder lock can be used as an additional security system and the lock can prevent locks from getting accessed. Security handles are designed to protect the locking mechanism against the intruder’s hand. Besides this, the handle is stronger and prevents the grip from being pulled apart or damaged.

The door handle should be approved for use with a safety door approved by TS007. Some locks include a set incorporating a lock guard, which stops cylinders from being pulled out even after locking them in place.

Hinge Bolts, an effective security additions

The hinge bolt is a metal pin attached below and above the hinge. The doors close through an opening in the frame. Hinge bolts are especially helpful for doors that open externally since hinges have an opening inside. They would therefore become a good target for unauthorized access.

Hinge bolts are a fast method of securing your house and the installation would be an easy process for any locksmith. It is typical for you to need 4-6 hinge bolts per piece according to how many hinges are needed.

Anti-Snap Locks

In recent years, anti-snap locks have become more widespread. They can resolve many issues many people might have with doorways and locks on the door. This prevents lock failure, which may cause problems for many of us.

Locking with an anti-snap lock can be a good trick to prevent burglaries in a home. Many people may have never realized they can prevent them from happening and a locksmith could make it easy for you. For example, anti-snap locks can typically be installed on your door easily and these will keep burglars away from snapping.

Make sure your UPVC door has a lock that can’t be snapped

The lack of cylinder lock security on your UPVC doors and windows is one of the biggest issues you can have when choosing a uPVC door for your house. In case you don’t have a secured anti-snap lock, the door can be reopened pretty easily. The role of a standard lock is almost nonexistent, as any burglar can act quickly in case your house is a target.

For example, some windows feature a standard door lock that could be broken down easily by a burglar in minutes. It is the cylinder that opens the doors and windows and this has to be secured to be protected. Just so you know, even beginner burglars usually can open a window with a standard lock in about 30 – 40 minutes during a typical burglary process.

To prevent a burglary try and change your standard lock with a secure lock. This way you will have additional door security and your multi-point locking system will protect you better.

Improve UPVC Door Security with Multipoint Locking System

Multipoint locks are unmatched on doors for a secure and efficient operation. It’s the main component – the long strips at the edge of the door that holds the doors in place in many places.

Modern UPVC doors often feature multi-pair locks and the bigger the number of lock points the greater the security. Replacement of the existing locking system for multipoint is not a cheap improvement but it will make a difference in case the original one is not working as it used to.

Hinge Bolts/Dog Bolts

Hinge bolts commonly called dog bolts are used for increasing the security of the uPVC doors and can be installed upon request for additional security. If the door opens the latch bolts, will prevent it from sliding out of the doors opening. An expert would be able to offer advice when it comes to uPVC doors and door security. Don’t hesitate to ask a locksmith about the hinge bolts and what are your possibilities for your house.

  • Can you change the lock on a uPVC door?

    Of course, we can change the lock on your uPVC door. Whenever you require locks for the uPVC door, give us a call and an expert will come to analyze the situation. He will most likely install what works better for your overall door security.

  • What’s the difference between a uPVC door and a composite door?

    There are plenty of styles of doors these days but one of the main questions we get about uPVC doors is the difference between uPVC door and composite doors. First of all, the uPVC doors are made with plastic only, whereas the composite ones have different materials that are compressed in highpressure conditions. Moreover, composite doors have a thickness of 44mm, and normal uPVC doors are only 28mm.

  • How can I make my UPVC door more secure?

    The best way to work on your overall security level is by calling an expert that will conduct a security assessment at your location. Have your door security analyzed and take a decision based on that. Sometimes there is no extra security required if your original locks are high-secured. Other times, a locksmith might advise you to improve the security of your back door, for example. So, it really depends on your circumstances. Get in touch and a locksmith will help you will all the advice and works on the spot.



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