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Door lock replacement

Door Lock replacement due to wear and tear security enhancements, or simply moving in? If you need an expert to change your locks, Clapham Locksmith London should be your first choice.

Are you relocating or concerned about your home’s door locks status? Clapham Locksmith London can provide and install a new lock quickly. Our technicians carry a wide range of British Standard lock replacements and they can change your old lock with high-security door locks in minutes. Also, they can help you sort out a broken door lock or any sticky door locks you might have. When it comes to door hardware, you can choose out of finishes such as solid brass, satin nickel or black. The current price depends on all types of details and we are ready to help with a final quote after you communicate all the details.

In our opinion, the British Standard will be the minimum level for front door locks. Anything less may compromise your well-being and make your home insurance coverage ineffective. So, either you need a door lock replacement after your lost keys or you just wanna upgrade your security lever, we are here to help!

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Door Lock Replacement & Fitting

A local locksmith can replace all types of door locks for any door (front and back door, interior door, and so on). Therefore, no matter if you have a wooden front door, a balcony uPVC door, or a bathroom door with faulty locks, we are here to make it work again.

So, no matter if you require just a euro profile cylinder lock replacement, a simple mortice lock change, bolts inspection, cylinder rim locks, a multi-point locking system, or a new lock mechanism, we will be able to replace and fit door locks of all types and shapes within half an hour. Get in touch for your front door lock repair, back door locks or interior locks. Our “lock changers near me” are fast and ready to help with any issue. 

Change your old lock with secured door locks to improve your house security today! When looking for a lock change near me, our locksmiths will be there. 

Door lock replacement

Bolts & Locks

A multi-point locking system is designed for use in uPVC or wooden doors and is suitable for commercial and home use. The regularly inspected locks can provide an unreachable barrier and prevent unwanted entry. The same applies to the doors that have bolts or at least two locks installed on the door.

Please note, in case of a burglary, a rim cylinder is not enough to keep you protected. The burglar could easily gain access inside your house if he manages to open a simple lock quickly, so don’t go near the edge with your security and consider an upgrade anytime. For example, simple door locks require less effort to open than a multi-point locking system. His job would be way harder if he had more door locks to pass through.

So, we would recommend you install bolts or an extra new lock on your entrance door. If you are unsure about what type of lock you need and what are the estimated costs for that, we would be happy to assist anytime.

Replace door locks now

A professional locksmith is able to fix your uPVC or wooden door locks when your key is lost or the lock is damaged.

Door locks are absolutely essential in keeping your home safe and secure when you are both in and out of the property. Each door lock offers unique functionality, therefore it’s important to choose the right type of lock for your door. Some are fitted inside the door itself which may require some carpentry work to install, whereas others can be simply screwed to the inside with the adjacent part.

Our range covers the most important types of door locks for both internal and external use, from some of the leading and most well-known brands on the market. We can help with rim cylinder lock, euro profile cylinder lock, mortice lock, deadlock, mul t lock, multi-point locking system, and so on. Also, we can conduct lock replacing for the front door (high-security locks), back door, balcony door, patio door, or interior door (for example on the bathroom door, room door, or any other door that doesn’t require a high level of security).



How much does the locksmith charge for replacing the lock?

We can often offer approximates of the costs of the replacement lock but we are not able to give you the total cost upfront, as a technician needs to come to your place to see the exact situation. After he sees what’s the volume of work, your exact type of lock, and the necessary materials involved in your job, he will be able to pull a precise quote for you.

The process of door lock replacement

The process for replacing or installing your front and back door locks is pretty much straightforward. It is definitely important to have someone over to inspect the lock first (at this point you will know the exact locksmith charges) but afterward, it’s all about labor.

Remove old door locks and deadbolts

Initially, the tradesman will remove the first two bolts before removing the turn plate assembly until the deadbolt latch assembly is removed.  

Install New Deadbolt and Lock

The locksmith will do everything on a single visit. Once the appropriate deadbolt has been selected and installed, the locks and bolts will be mounted to the turning assembly plate and placed on the top. Afterward, it will be necessary to open the bolt holes and secure the keys securely with the knob of the doorknob.

Secure and Test

Once the locking system is secured, the door must be tested before closing. After a certain level of confidence, the workers will close the doors and test the doors several times. The process is similar for the front, back, or interior doors.

Night latch fitting & door lock replacement (often referred to as Yale type lock)

Depending on the size and length of the lock, a night latch can generally be installed on front or rear doors. A night latch (or night-latch or night latch) is a lock that is installed on the surface of a wooden door; it is controlled by a key from the outside of the door and a knob from the inside side of the door.

Night latches a locksmith can change

Our locksmiths are able to fix or change the night latch on wooden doors. Many refer to this lock as a Yale-type lock but there are several brands out there.

There are several types of night latches, each with its unique set of capabilities and characteristics:

  • British Standard Nightlatches

  • Standard or Non-Deadlocking Nightlatches

  • Deadlocking Nightlatches

  • Auto Deadlocking Nightlatches

  • Traditional Nightlatches

  • Deadbolt Nightlatches

  • Roller bolt Nightlatches

  • Drawback Locks

So, a locksmith can replace any of these at any hour in Clapham. Get in touch now for 24 h service for any of your door locks. Call our professional locksmith to replace front door lock in minutes. 

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What are the additional costs of a lock replacement?

When planning to replace the lock, you might consider the costs in advance, rather than be disappointed when your task is completed. Therefore, there are some essential factors you need to take into consideration. Of course, all of these will influence the final cost of our services.


The cost of replacing locks in the event they break depends on where you are based, as well. So, you might consider this a cost-additive service. For example, London has an expensive life expectancy higher and it has more population than other parts of England. This increases the competitiveness of services and the costs of marketing.

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Emergency Service

Don’t forget, you are calling for an emergency service that operates 24 hours, not a local hardware store. This means higher company costs and workmen available 24/7. Therefore, the cost of such companies can’t be as low as the prices you’ll find in a classic shop. When you are calling for emergency services, you are paying for fast service and top-quality labour at your door.

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New front door

Another factor you’ll need to consider is if you are calling for a lock change or a new lock instalment on your new door. When you need a locksmith to install a locking system on a plain door it will get most costly that calling for a quick fixing screw. At the same time, you can change the main door lock, including your door knob. We can help with a new deadbolt lock in minutes. 

So, the price for a simple lock replacement will be lower than when you need a fresh lock installation from scratch. Of course, the locksmith prices to change locks uk differ from job to job, as the price depends on the work and the cost of the materials. 

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All types of locks are available

Yes, we can also help with all types of locks, including Banham locks. All locks will be supplied and fitted on the spot by our emergency locksmiths. The emergency locksmith cost is not standard as the work and the labour can vary a lot. So, even if you ask for the emergency locksmith cost when calling, only the locksmith can tell you an exact price after he gets to your location and sees your door.

About Banham locks

Another pretty common question we get: Why are Banham locks so expensive? As a general answer, these locks are special due to their high level of security and cutting-edge features. Most of the time, Banham locks are perceived as expensive but for sure you get a quality lock. 

Banham Locks are known because are patented and have a distinctive design. Also, Banham locks are expensive because they are far more difficult to pick or break than ordinary essential locks. These locks are manufactured of high-quality materials, that can survive harsh weather conditions and daily use. More than that, Banham locks are a dependable and efficient option for individuals who are looking to place a premium on security and peace of mind. Most of the time, Banham locks are more expensive than other brands of locks. A locksmith would be able to present all options available once he gets to your location and analyzes your door. 

More Cost Affecting Factors of Door Lock Replacement

There is a multitude of reasons to change your door locking system and increase your costs. Therefore, here is a list you need to take into consideration. All of these factors will impact your door lock costs.

The duration of the job

Of course, the amount of work depends on the complexity of the replacement and the type of lock installation. Locksmithing during normal working hours costs usually £59 per lock. Locksmiths may need parts to get to the property for an unsatisfactory opening, which may result in increased labour costs for the homeowner. Normally, the technician is able to complete the entire task in as little as half an hour.

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It’s important to determine how much your locksmith’s service will cost you. So, the prices will get a bit higher after 6.30 pm, due to this being non-standard work hours.

Therefore, when calling a locksmith during regular working days you have the lowest cost. Also, after 10 pm, the technician will ask to pay a small fee as a deposit before coming to your location. Our locksmiths work 24 hours and you can use our company anytime.

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Whenever you replace old locks, you have to factor in labour and material costs. Frequently new parts are required for broken, lost, or stolen keys. So, the type of lock you need depends on your particular door and insurance policy, so you might not get a cheap standard lock. No worries, the technician has all types of locks available for you to choose from.

Choosing a Door Lock

Choosing a Door Lock

There are numerous options for your door that can protect your home and your family well. You should ask the best Locksmith about the lock that best fits your home. Choosing your door locks should be an investment in your security and usually, it will last you for years. Also, when you have a fast and professional locksmith service, you shouldn’t worry about terms such as security level, door hinge screws, strike plate and so on. Our experts can manage a door lock change with no fuss in minutes. Get our fast fully-equipped locksmith at your location and we will help. For example, you can simply call us and ask for a lock replacement Brixton. All our local locksmiths are fast and ready to operate anywhere around the Clapham area. Moreover, our lock repairs and lock replacement services are efficient anytime you need secure locks for your property. Solve your lock outs and replacements fast with our emergency locksmiths.

Different Types of Door Locks

The cost of installing new door locks varies by door type, lock measurements, finishes, and so on. Also, the security system is available for both inside and outside doors, including patio doors or UPVC. 

Some of the most popular models in the Clapham area are the 5-lever mortise locking system, Multipoint Locking System, or standard cylinders.

So, if you choose a basic cylinder will lower your costs but choosing an improved quality cylinder will be a better choice in terms of safety. Here are some of the most popular materials used in Clapham.

Multipoint locking system

Multi-point locking devices can be installed on inside and outside doors. It is an effective replacement lock for any UPVC door, including the front, patio, and French doors.

So, the lock is placed inside the door, then locked into the door frame. This kind of lock uses a key that provides an additional level of security by using any of 3-4 locking points with only one cylinder. The cost for a multipoint locking system is starting from £129 but there is a big variety according to the brand and the number of locking points offered in the system. Call for more details about the uPVC door locks. 

Night Latch (also known as Yale Lock)

A Night Latch (Yale Lock) is a lock frequently found on British front doors; it is attached to the inner surface of doors that open inwards. So, when you close the door, the night latch automatically latches it shut. More than that, it is also often called ,, Rim Lock ” by the public.

Yale, ERA, Ingersoll, Union, and other well-known brands of Night Latch are available in a variety of finishes, including Chrome, Brass, White, and Grey. These types of British Standard locks are recommended by all the security firms and the Master Locksmiths Association.

So, they offer extra protection on the front and back doors and will prevent theft.

5-Lever Mortice Deadlock

First, the mortice locks are commonly used on exterior wooden doors and are mounted inside the door’s body and locked in the frame. So, mortice locks can be utilized on any door and can offer high-end privacy.

Also, mortice locks are sometimes known as Sashlocks or Deadlocks. The best British Standards Mortice deadlocks usually have five levers for improved security levels. Normally, these door locks are on the expensive side but the security they can offer is priceless.

Mortice Lock Fittings

These types of locks will normally be installed on the exterior of a door, into the frame. They are different in size and security levels.

Mortice Deadlock Fitting BS3621

Mortice Deadlocks usually attach to wooden front doors and are locked only with a key. A deadlocked door has no handles. Please note, that the longer the mortice deadlock is, the better it will secure the property.

Mortice Sash Lock Fitting

Mortice door locks usually attach to wood doors in a household. The latch operates with an opening handle and locks the door shut with a push and hold. Note: In general, when you use more levers to open the mortice lock, the more secure its lock becomes.

Euro Cylinder Lock

Euro Cylinder Locks are commonly installed alongside the Multi-point locking system and can be replaced on most of the UPVC doors. A euro cylinder lock can be easily installed on front doors or back entrances.

Nevertheless, these can be installed at any location where higher security is needed. For example, besides your front door, a euro cylinder can be installed at your workplace, at educational facilities, shops, and many more. These keys and lock systems are designed for easy access from the outside door. Compared to typical door lock prices, these cylinders start from £50.

Knob Lock

The knob lock is one of the most commonly used locks for interior door, flats or rooms. Nevertheless, the locking mechanism is safe and easy to use in the house, since a key can be used from either side.

How can I tell if my locks are British Standard?

Because we believe in quality service, we are using only British Standard locks by default. Usually, you can check the current lock quality on the faceplate of the key, or you can try to observe the BS Kitemark on the lock.

Of course, there’s a lot of info over the internet about the BS 3621 locks but an experienced professional could take you through all the available range of BS locks. Also, he will determine what type of lock works better on your door and he can offer free advice. A lock is not universal and each door has its locking requirements for a good security level. Of course, the ideal lock on your door depends on your type of door and your circumstances.

What type of door are BS3621 standards locks found on?

Of course, the type of door you have matters when choosing a lock; typically, BS3621 locks are used on doors where the frames or doors are made out of wood. When a technician comes over, he will be able to test all your doors to BS8621 standards. Usually, these locks will contain the BSI Kitemark symbols.

Benefits of a New Door Lock Replacement

There are plenty of reasons for changing your door locks, but a good level of security and privacy are top priorities among our customers. Therefore, most locksmiths will suggest you replace cylinders once a year, for optimum efficiency. Also, smart locks are used more and more these days. 


A new lock means stability and peace of mind. So, you might think you are safe when moving to a new place with a decent lock already installed. However, you may be unable to know how many of the previous owners had cut the locks to a house. 

Why not be sure who has access to your home? For example, you could call us for a door lock replacement anytime (for both your entrance and your porch) to make your house safe. In a big and diverse city like London, it’s really important to be sure you’re the only person with a key to get into your home.

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Supply Costs

Just a simple door lock replacement is pretty much an inexpensive locksmith service and the costs start from 49 pounds + VAT. So, just to have an idea about the average price, just add up the labor costs and the call-out fee when calling after hours. Also, the price will be different for all lock choices but a locksmith will be able to present you with all the options available for your situation. Please note, that almost every door locks have a different price. Therefore, the locks changed cost will be different from one lock to another. Also, exterior door locks are priced differently than interior door locks. More than that, if you are looking to rekey locks it will be cheaper than a full lock change. 

Of course, the price depends if you’re looking for the most expensive lock or the budget version. More than that, it is important to point out that not all locks are evaluated by British Standards. So, locks approved under British standards must be displayed on the packaging or on the locking device itself. Of course, a BS lock will be more expensive than a simple low-security lock.

How much does replacing a door lock cost?

Improved door security has been a priority for Brits today. Therefore, replacement and upgrading the locks are generally the most effective method of increasing door safety.

For front and back door security, Yale is the most used lock in the United Kingdom. Although popular, it doesn’t have many security features and can generally get damaged with force. Also, deadlocked devices are pretty popular. But our locksmiths are prepared to suggest better locks when they are visiting you – our goal is to leave you as secure as possible in your own home.

When you call for a locksmith to help you upgrade or change your lock and key, you are likely facing a serious problem with the lock. Locksmiths can charge whatever the service is worth but the costs depend on many factors. Anyway, they will try to give you an approximate price if it’s possible and they will let you know what costs are you facing in advance.