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Is it better to rekey or change locks?

Need a rekeying Locksmith now? Rekeying or changing locks on your house in London? How do you know if you need to change the lock entirely or just the cylinder? That’s a common question our rekeying locksmith gets asked a lot. In short, it’s up to you and your current situation to proceed with our lock change SW4 service or if you prefer a rekey. Getting a replacement lock depends on your circumstances. Whenever you call our locksmith ask him first if you have to change the locks or just the old cylinder. After he analyzes the core lock and the door frame, he will be able to offer an honest professional answer. 

Of course, sometimes it’s easier and cheaper to rekey and continue using the same old profile lock. But, most of the time, a fresh start would suit your house better and offer better security.

Don’t forget, the locks have been going through a lot over the years. Therefore, from time to time, it’s recommended to try and update the locks (especially for a new home).

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New Home, New Lock, New Key

Nothing can compare to the excitement when you sign your closing documents. As soon as you close your new house it becomes an important task to do: changing the locks. Having your home rekeyed is the minimum effort any homeowner should be making when buying their property.

There are several locks you could change to make sure you are safe, including your window locks or your gate locks. But changing the locks on your front door is a must you shouldn’t think about. Even if we are talking about mortice locks, multi point locks, smart locks or simple euro cylinders, changing the front door lock should be done on the first day of moving in. While you have a key in your house at the end, you aren’t sure if you can find a copy of what the previous owner has made. This idea and uncertainty make changing locks very important. A qualified rekeying locksmith will do the job efficiently while you’re getting to other important tasks.

The job is usually done quickly and a technician is available to come within 30 minutes to your property. Also, if interested, he will offer you more security tips and free advice throughout the process.

Can you close a new house? Don't forget to change the locks with our Rekeying Locksmith

Nothing can compare to the excitement that occurs when you sign your closing documents. As soon as you close your new house it becomes an important task to do: changing the locks. Having your house rekeyed is the minimum effort any homeowner should be doing when buying their own property.

While you have a key in your house at the end, you aren’t sure if you can find a copy of what the previous owner has made. This idea and uncertainty make changing locks very important. A qualified rekeying locksmith will do the job efficiently while you’re getting to other important tasks.

The job is usually done really quickly and a technician is available to come within 30 minutes to your property. Also, if interested, he will offer you more security tips and free advice throughout the process.

Change a door locks cylinder with our rekeying locksmith

You may need to remove the door lock when moving into an apartment. You don’t even know how many copies of keys are scattered throughout your house by other house owners.

Clapham Locksmith London recommends replacing the entire locking system if you purchase a house. of course, this includes any door in your house connected with the outside world.

Rekeying  locksmith service for your door

Has anybody lost his or her keys to their house? Unless you are the first owner of the newly-built property, it’s pretty much impossible to know the number of keys for your place that simply exist out there. Normally, key-cutting shops usually will do a duplicate for anyone that just pops up with the original key. Of course, there are high-security locks that can be duplicated only with the existence of the card, but that’s a different story. Most regular locks don’t come with such privacy protection. Therefore, you are exposed if you are not sure about the state of your existing lock. It’s important to keep track of the existing keys of all the locks of your house at all times if you wish to be fully secured. If you have some concerns, it’s better to change at least the lock cylinder. 

Of course, because the majority of homes have multiple doors and locks, rekeying will often be an unwanted expense but it’s pretty necessary. At least, after this process, your home or store will be well-secured for a long time. Research more about “rekeying locks cost UK” and you will know how to proceed better. 

How do I change locks?

Some homeowners simply replace their locks themselves, but replacement is often a difficult and time-consuming process. More than that, a DYI project can’t guarantee that your installation is well done and your house is well secured. 

So, a highly skilled technician will be able to test and install everything professionally. More than that, after working many years in the industry, he has plenty of related jobs with all types of brands. So, leave DYI projects for other areas and stay secure with professionals.

Rekeying means making internal changes to lock configuration so an alternate type of key can open the lock and make the previous keys obsolete.

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Use our Rekeying Locksmith vs. Replacing Locks

Are we replacing or rekeying? It ultimately depends on your current situation. A re-keying will often require your old key when removing lock plugs. Even though buying a new security system for the entry door is usually the best choice, you might not always want to replace the whole thing. Therefore, we can offer you the rekeying option for your hardware. So, to explain better, you can keep the body, the knob, and the matching hardware. In case of rekeying, you’ll just have the cylinder where you insert the key changed by the professional locksmith.

The cost for changing locks or rekeying will vary depending on the hardware that is required. For commercial buildings, such as offices, rentals, or apartments, it’s advisable for owners to change keys as often as needed. Sometimes, the locksmith may not have to replace the entire lock instead. he might just rekey it for you. The lock will be replaced when changing it is the only solution.

Better locks mean better security

Many homeowners have switched to safer locks after burglar attacks or other theft events. If this is your scenario, don’t search for solutions, lock reviews, or other DYI projects on the internet. This is definitely a serious issue and if your house has just been burglarized you need to secure it now. Instead, look for a specialist in your area and get it fixes professionally.

An expert is able to offer you advice and modern locks on spot. Moreover, he will provide innovative solutions that improve security at any level.

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Rekeying locksmith when you move house

No matter where you are moving to in London, get a rekeying locksmith to check the state of your new place. It should be mandatory a rekey on your moving day. When new homes are built, they require different people to work and solve all issues of a new property. But sometimes, a newly purchased home won’t have locks and keys installed by default. Therefore, you must install or rekey the locks as soon as you move in.

The lock is not necessarily part of the sales process but is generally the responsibility of the builder. If the builder doesn’t provide you with keys for the lock, it means you have to handle it yourself. Also, the buyer’s realtor is responsible for the completion of the transaction.

More than that, when you move to an unfamiliar house it’s advisable to rekey the keys. Buying a home requires at least rekeying the existing locks.


Replace broken locks with rekeying locksmith

Just like any mechanical industry, the lock wears away eventually. Also, if you put the wrong keys onto the lock, you can damage a door’s interior mechanisms. This results in keys that stick or are hard to open in the lock.

The solution is to replace a broken lock as soon as possible. Don’t risk getting locked out as it’s going to be more costly to replace it.

Factors that impact the cost of changing the locks 

The best locksmiths can easily replace or rekey any existing locks in residential and commercial properties. When assessing the total cost of such services, the cost of these services is often based upon several things. Therefore, it’s hard to offer a fixed quotation in advance if we don’t know all the factors that can influence the price.

For example, commercial offices require people to enter the building as well as its interior space. You need to have in mind that you need to request more keys and maybe an easily accessible lock. So, here are some aspects you have to consider when asking for the locksmith’s price:

  • Consider the convenience of a single key

It is possible to use a single key on the entire house to replace the locks for back doors or front doors. The method of keying is different for different manufacturers but our company can offer keyed alike services. In other words, the keys in your house can be rekeyable to fit the exact same key. In this case, the lock will need to be replaced to be able to accept one rekey.

  • Know the difference between replacing and rekeying

In short, if you wish just to replace the barrel, you can ask for a simple rekey. But, there is the possibility of replacing the whole locking mechanism. This is a complete door lock change and it will be a different service. Ask your local locksmith about the multiple brands available for your door and together you will decide if you need a change or just a simple rekeyed.

  • Change locks if your keys have been lost or stolen

If your home keys are lost or stolen, you should immediately give us a call and secure yourself. Rekeying is an effective solution to such a situation but a lock change can also be considered. The only instance where a complete lock replacement will be necessary is if your lock is also damaged or not usable. A professional can give you a better argument when he sees your exact situation.

  • Learn when and how to improve home security by replacing or rekeying your door locks

Your homes are as secure as their security lock. Over time, or if there are security concerns, it’s possible you need to change the locks. More than that, it’s possible to replace a house’s door locks in various ways. Sometimes it’s recommended to try and upgrade your locking system. Anyway, when you call us, just tell us what type of lock changes are necessary and when do you need to proceed. Once a technician is there, he will be able to point you in the right direction.

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Tips when you plan a lock change with our rekeying locksmith

When safety is in question, it is recommended to have this in mind when you switch or change the lock’s keying system. The most frequent situations where locking must be altered are:

  • Plan to change the locks on your new house

When you change the house, change the locks first! Get a rekeying locksmith to make sure you are safe in any unfamiliar new location. Your home should be your safe place and securing it should be a top priority.

  • Have the Right Information Handy

Let me list the necessary information you need when you call our rekeying locksmith service, so we can speed up the procedure for you. Do we have a lot of door access in our house? Think doors at back doors, sliding doors or garages. How do I unlock the door? Are the locking mechanisms inside the knobs incorporated? Is the bolt deadbolt? Are there any budget options we have to consider? Are keys able to be changed for a short period? You may want to rekey the identical locks instead of replacing them. Does home safety really mean something? Alternatively, call the locksmith who will recommend the right solution for the property.

  • Wait a day after closing

If you are a commercial customer, we recommend waiting at least one working day after closing for service. While we hope customers experience an easy closing, we find the situation frustrating. I’d recommend scheduling the rekeying locksmith service for the next business day, after closing, to make sure that the contract is finalized and the clients are not disturbed by our presence. 

  • Schedule the Lock Change in Advance with our rekeying locksmith

Having lock change appointments scheduled early may help you save time. Book a slot in advance if you wanna make sure the locksmith will get to you at the exact hour you need him to come. The locksmith can then make sure that he can offer you the best service as required.

Is it cheaper to rekey or replace locks?

It is generally cheaper to change locks than to fully replace them. This is due to the lower prices on the necessary parts involved while, when replacing, you pay for full hardware and the brand-new components.

Can a locksmith rekey existing locks?

Sometimes locksmiths will advise you to replace locks. Often, it is possible to rekey the existing locks, if the hardware is in good working order.

Can I change the lock on my door myself? Do I need a rekeying locksmith?

Removing door locks are relatively manageable DIY projects. If you can handle the basics with the screwdriver, this could be accomplished but it’s pretty risky at the same time. A perfect lock installation is mandatory if you wanna be safe inside your home – especially at the entrance.

Can you change a door lock without changing the handle?

Normally we do not install knobs when changing locks. So, you do not need a replacement for the whole package. You can replace just the lock and keep it simple.

Of course, if you are in need of a full set replacement, we will do our best to install everything you need. So, just talk with our rekeying locksmith and let him know exactly what you need.

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