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Replace Mortise Lock

Are you looking to replace your mortise lock with a professional locksmith? If your existing mortice lock is not working well or you need a new lock installed on your door, Clapham Locksmith London is ready to help. Our professionals will replace your existing mortice lock in minutes. Have your old lock changed now. We can help with a mortice lock but also with other types of lock such as euro-cylinder lock or rim-cylinder lock. Get Clapham Locksmith London at your location now!

Change A Mortice Lock With Clapham Locksmith London

Are you looking to change a mortice lock? With us, mortice locks are available at all times. We are ready to help you replace your existing mortice lock with a British standard version or we can install a new lock from scratch. Replacing your existing mortice lock shouldn’t be complicated but you will need an expert to help you with a good installation and a good door frame.

More About How To Replace Mortise Lock – The Process

Your new lock should fit the hole the old lock was removed from, especially for a lock adjacent to glass panel. If the lock does not fit into the same hole, the locksmith may need to proceed with a new installation and may need to rout the door out to suit the new lock. For example, if the locksmith is replacing your existing mortice lock with a British Standard version, he might need to rout out the box to keep the striker deeper to allow for the 20mm throw on the bolt.

With the British Standard version, you may be able to secure your property better than with a basic lock. Change a mortice lock with a professional for an accurate installation. We are prepared to help with any type of mortise lock, similar to your existing lock or an even better version.

Why Change Your Lock Or Replace Mortice Lock?

When moving to a new home doors should be changed. The keys can always be retrieved from the current keys and can then be accessed in the house. If the locks on your house are broken or old, you can replace the locks immediately if possible.

When a lock breaks, it could block anyone from entering the house and/or accessing their belongings. In some circumstances, you may have to change the locks for the first time. Anyway, change a mortice lock as soon as you feel that’s the case. The process is simple and you know you are safe in minutes. The locksmith may need to rout the door and follow some fitting instructions, but your lock body and lock cylinder will work perfectly shortly.

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Reasons to Replace a Mortice Lock?

Of course, there are many reasons you to replace a lock on your door. One of the main reasons is that you’ll have enhanced security. It’s common knowledge that mortice locks are secure. If that’s the case, try and upgrade to a newer model, such as the ERA BS Fortress Lock, which will make your doors much more secure. For sure, newer models and modern mortice locks are more resistant to intruders thanks to advanced features like anti-pick, anti-drill, and anti-saw mechanisms.

Another common reason to replace the lock is wear and tear. With time, even the best locks may malfunction. Replacing your outdated mortice lock will ensure that your door remains secure and functional.

In case there’s a fault or you break your key into the lock, you have to be thinking about replacing your old lock in order to be fully secured. Lock replacement is a great idea for rim cylinder lock, euro-cylinder lock, night latch bolt that catches when the door is closed or other types of locks. When securing your property, the most important thing is to stay secure and prevent a bad thing such as a burglary.

Comprehending Mortice Locks

Mortice locks are also known as mortise locks. Usually, these are more secure than surface-mounted locks because they are integrated into the door. More than that, they are great for more security needs and come in a variety of styles. Here Clapham Locksmith London can include sashlocks and deadlocks. A sashlock has a deadbolt sprung latch bolt, whereas a deadlock requires a key to open.

Deadlock: Using a key to operate, this system offers extreme security and has no door handle.
Sasholock: Combines a handle-operated latch and a deadbolt to provide convenience and security. It has a deadbolt sprung latch bolt that catches when the door is closed.

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Change Your Existing Mortice Lock Or Install A New One

When it comes to mortise locks, there’s a wide selection available. So, choosing the best lock by yourself can be a bit overwhelming. Make sure you get the help you need if you have no idea about locks and security. A deadlock operates the door independently with no door handles or door knobs. There are many deadlock or sashlock options for your front door or back door frame.

Mortice lock is secured and a great option for anyone looking to be safe inside their property. The most important aspect is to have it installed properly to work well and secure your premises as they should.

Replace Your Mortice Lock With ERA BS Fortress Lock

Although the ERA BS Fortress Lock Security is a great option for home security, these substitute locks provide similar levels of dependability and security. These locks offer strong security and peace of mind, whether you’re upgrading your home security system or protecting a commercial property.

To make sure you select the ideal lock for your requirements, think about speaking with a locksmith for professional installation and guidance. The hole, typically a lock, will have to be precisely measured and cut to fit the new mortice lock securely.

Even if our example shows an ERA BS Fortress lock as being one of the best options there, you can be sure there are many alternatives.

Deadlock in Union 5 Lever Mortice BS 3621 Replacement

Some of the main features of the 5-lever Union deadlock are that it is anti-pick, anti-drill, and anti-saw. Also, it is operated by a key and complies with British Standard BS 3621.

Regarding security, a high-security lock offers great protection that is appropriate for external doors. This lock is versatile, and it is perfect for both residential and commercial buildings with wooden doors.

Yale British Standard BS 3621 Five-Lever Mortice Deadlock

When it comes to the five-lever Yale Deadlock is a lock to a British Standard. So, you can be sure that the security level will be high when the BS 3621 standards are met.

Also, the main features such as anti-saw and anti-pick mechanisms are included. High security is provided by the hardened steel case, which is resistant to sawing and drilling. Moreover, The Yale deadlock is suitable for high-security external doors.

Chubb Deadlock 5 Lever Mortice

If your current lock or the lock you wish to install is British Standard BS 3621 certified, you can be sure is it a great option. You can check prior to installation of the keyhole protection or hardened steel rollers but it provides excellent resistance to picking, drilling, and other forms of attack.

Because Chubb deadlock is a great reliable lock, it is mostly installed to secure external doors where you need either a deadlock or extra locks, especially in high-risk areas.

Legge British Standard 5 Lever Mortice Deadlock

Another quite popular option would be the Legge 5 Lever Mortice Lock, a lock that is certified to British Standard. The forend plate and lock were meticulously aligned to ensure the highest level of security for the door.

Some of the remarkable features of this lock are that it complies with BS 3621, and has hardened steel plates for drill resistance and anti-pick levers. You can be sure it offers high-security protection against forced entry.

Banham BS Mortice Deadlock

Banham offers a great range of secured locks that are certified to BS 3621. These also have anti-drill plates and a unique Banham key registration system. The Banham locks are well known for their reliability and unique design.

Moreover, when it comes to security, the Banham BS Mortice Deadlock provides high security with additional features like keyed-alike options. It is used on both residential and commercial properties.

Steps A Locksmith Will Take When Will Replace Mortise Lock

Whether you are changing a mortice lock, a rim cylinder lock or euro cylinder locks, the process is quite similar. A locksmith will always be ready to assist you with the best mortice locks.

  • First, the locksmith will assess the current lock’s configuration. He will try to take it out and find a replacement.

  • He will extract the old lock from the door. If the door is locked, he will turn the key cylinder, unlock the door, and then proceed to remove the mortise lock.

  • After the lock is removed, you will choose the desired new lock – the same one or the best substitution.

  • After deciding together, the process of fitting a new lock is next.

  • He will fasten the forend plate to make sure it fits well.

  • Testing phase – the new lock has to operate smoothly and is secure.

  • Replacing your mortice lock with a professional locksmith service increases the security of your house and eases your mind.

Common Questions - Replace Mortise Lock

Can you change a mortice lock?

Yes, changing a mortice lock is possible with us at any time. Often, it is a necessary step for enhanced security due to wear and tear.

Are all mortise locks interchangeable?

Mortise locks are not all interchangeable. They come in different sizes and varieties. Therefore, it’s critical to choose a lock that works with the existing mortice.

Are all mortice locks the same size?

No, mortice locks vary in size. Measuring the existing mortice lock and the door is crucial before purchasing a new lock.

Is it easy to change a mortice lock?

Changing a mortice lock yourself can be challenging without the right tools and experience. Don’t risk installing the lock wrong and hire a professional locksmith.

Can you replace mortise lock anytime?

Yes, a mortise lock can be replaced. It involves removing the old lock and fitting a new one, ensuring compatibility with the door and frame.

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